The Raspberry Revolution
the miracle berry that helps fight cancer

With contributions by Susan Thorpe, Ph.D.

There has occurred over the last few decades a revolution in the way we view our healthcare. No longer are people passively waiting for the doctor to “fix them”, but are taking an active role in maintaining their own health. “Eating healthy” used to mean simply not eating “bad” foods. Now we are learning more about foods: they can be more than simply fuel. Some chemicals in certain foods are being given credit as powerful agents that can prevent or cure diseases: Nutritional Pharmaceuticals or Nutraceutical. Simply put, if a person’s family history or lifestyle indicates a high potential disease, to minimize the effects of this disease, or to improve the healing process in conjunction with other traditional treatments.

So what is a nutraceutical?

A nutraceutical is a food substance or part of a food that provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention or treatment of disease. They are naturally occurring compounds of found in plants, alga's, microbials, and other biological sources that support specific bodily health functions. Nutraceuticals are thought to have their greatest influence in preventative medicine (I.e. cancer) and for the treatment of chronic diseases.

But before we can explain to you how these nutraceuticals are able to prevent cancer we must first know what cancer is. What follows is a history of the research, a discussion of the basic mechanisms of this disease process, and how nutritional factors can protect us.