* First and foremost may I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to you in supplying the tub of Raspex Gel.
As I explained in my e-mail I have suffered from a skin condition on the back of my hands, that is akin to what we would call “detergent hands”.  In other words my hands were red, inflamed, having small blisters that weeped, the skin was dry, flaking and itchy.  This was a vicious cycle of itch – scratch – irritate – itch syndrome and was generally uncomfortable.
I had tried everything in respect to different creams such as steroid creams, antihistamine, E45 for eczema, Germolene, antiseptic, Sudo-cream for nappy rash and eczema, Vitamin E oil, etc, etc and NOT ONE seemed to shift the condition.
You will therefore appreciate my skepticism regarding the use of the raspberry extract based cream – Raspex.
You will recall you duly sent the requested sample to my work address and it arrived on Friday June 17th.  As usual I am forever busy but I applied some cream to the affected area and noticed how easily it rubbed in and then continued to go about my day to day duties.
Not holding out much hope for success and as I did not have at work the digital camera, a pre Raspex application photo was not taken.  Anyway what could this cream do that other creams had tried and failed, so I could always take a photo in a few days ___ or so I thought.

Friday night at bedtime I applied a second application of the Raspex cream.
Saturday morning --- what an improvement ----- I mean a visual and physically beneficial improvement.
Continued using the cream twice a day over the weekend – by Tuesday my hands are almost fully recovered --- I mean NO redness, NO itchiness, NO flaky dry skin --- I mean CURED.
During this time I have had my brother in law visiting our house virtually everyday and he has a skin condition on his wrist which I can only describe as Elephant Skin..thick, wrinkled, itching, etc.  He has also been using the Raspex sample and again he has seen significant improvements to the condition.
What can I say, except that in my case the Raspex cream has worked and provided results I thought were unobtainable in such a short space of time.  So quick, that I have not had the chance to take “as it happens” photos.
As you will be aware the market is awash with untold numbers of hand creams and likewise the overall expenditure for such products must be phenomenal.
Kind regards,
Tim Lawrence

* June 2, 2005
I just want to say “thank you” to the developer of RASPBERRY SKIN CREAM. I’ve tried everything to improve my rosacea – every cream, gel and pill that the doctors prescribed – which all just aggravated it.  I spent thousands of dollars trying every natural remedy and product for sensitive skin I could find.  They all ended up in the garbage.
Then I bought the RASPBERRY SKIN CREAM to try as a sun screen.  To my
surprise it didn’t give me a rash!  Instead my rosacea got better!!  The redness, the dry flakes, the ‘rashiness” on my cheeks all went away.  Wow!  Please, don’t ever stop making the product.
Nancy Polk

Raspex Anti Aging Night Cream

I confess initially the Raspex anti aging night cream made me “nervous”.  I asked myself the first couple of nights “Is it working” – because it is so very light and American women have been indoctrinated to believe that heavy, thick, greasy creams are best.  I’ve studied this enough that I know its really NOT true – but still I was concerned because I’ve paid a lot for high-powered products and since I’m getting older every day, I couldn’t afford to “waste” any time!!!  However this morning my skin was literally flaking off – shedding – which is EXCELLENT – that means it is sloughing off the dead top layer ----- which means it can compete with the stronger alpha and beta hydroxides.  I am impressed with how fast it adsorbs and there is no messy pillowcase.
    * Raspex Vitamin C Serum
Everyone has a serum – I use Bobbie Browns but frankly the Raspex Vitamin C Serum seems BETTER because it is very light, goes further and adsorbs more quickly.  It absorbs instantly and is a very good makeup base.  I’m not using a moisturizer between it and the makeup – just the serum with the makeup going on very smoothly
    * Raspex Soap Free Cleanser
    Last night after water aerobics, I used the cleanser – It is VERY GOOD.  I used a white washcloth after washing and it was filthy with makeup etc – it got everything off.
    The quality of the serum, anti aging/night cream and the cleanser are up there with the “big league” products and I know because I use them all.
Raleigh, NC

Raspex Skin Gel
I have rosacea, a common but little known disorder of the facial skin that affects an estimated 14 million Americans – and most of them don’t know it.  In fact rosacea is becoming increasingly widespread as the populous baby boom generation enters the most susceptible ages.  There is no medical cure for rosacea.  I’ve been using the Raspex Cream Gel for about a month.  I gently exfoliate my face everynight and then apply the Raspex Gel.  It is very soothing—even for the most sensitive skin.  My face is completely clear after one month on the Raspex Gel- and is very smooth.  Thank you for this miracle!  Julie in Little Rock

 * Raspex Raspberry Seed Capsules
    I have noticed a significant difference in the size of my dog’s lipoma.  Since  supplementing with Raspberry Seed Capsules, the lump has decreased 50%!  We’re continuing to use the powder and look forward to continued positive results.
    Thank you!  Donna

I had a tiny black colored dot appear on my jawline.  I think it was a mole starting.  I put the Raspex gel on it and it WENT AWAY.  Just dropped right off.  I’m taking the powder now too.
Deb F.

The Raspex Raspberry Skin Gel has worked wonders for me and my dogs in just a few weeks.  It truly has the best healing properties of any product I’ve ever used.  Thank you so much.       Meredith 

Get Raspberry Seed Powder to eliminate any abscesses, tumor or growth.  It is WONDERFUL!  It will eliminate it almost immediately and is wonderful anti-viral, anti bacterial and anti-microbal.  You can read all of the information about it and get it from the following site SMDI Products Page  www.smdi.org
    I have been using (the Raspex Raspberry Seed Powder) with our senior Kuma for a tumor that developed after a tick bite and the vet wanted to do surgery.  The tumor has just disappeared over the course of 3 weeks with one teaspoon on her food per day!  It has even amazed the vet!   It is really amazing that it works as fast as it does.  This same raspberry seed powder has been working to eliminate even cancerous tumors from other dogs on these lists.  The owners and the vets are stunned that terminal dogs using it heal.  There tumors are disappearing naturally.  Good ole “mother nature”.  LOL
    I ate all the raspberries and blueberries I could get my hands on when I was recovering from cancer and I know it helped tremendously.  I have actually been using it (Raspex Raspberry Seed Powder) to eliminate some fatty lipoma tumors and also a small skin tumor diagnosed as skin cancer that developed within the last year and it is diminishing them and making them completely disappear.
    This powder is in a concentrated form and it works even better than just eating the raspberries.  I can’t say enough positive about it and I don’t have any financial interest in it at all.  It is just a great product for removing tumors, abscesses and for assisting animals and people to have optimum health and insuring they don’t have cancer.  It is even helping our Mai with his ear infection.  While I am treating him with other things too, I didn’t see a real difference until I gave him the raspberry seed powder.  Could be the conjunctive timing of it all or it could be just what he needed.  At any rate I am sold on the raspberry powder.  Try it…. It really works.
    Keep up the great work.

Raspex Raspberry Powder and Raspex Skin Cream
    I just ordered my second jar of Raspex Skin Cream – it is absolutely the best!  I also ordered the Raspberry seed powder and just stir it into my plain yogurt with a little stevia.

* Hi, just to let you know and to thank you.  I got the raspberry capsules from your company and it is working wonders.  I can now feel my toes and the tingling is almost nonexistent.  Wonderful stuff you are making.

* My husband has Basal Cell skin cancer and recently I found out about Raspex Skin Gel which I’ve ordered from USA.  It seems a MAGIC THING!!!!    Do you know if possible to buy it in the UK?

I am more than pleased with your products.
    I was introduced to the Raspex products a little differently than most people.  I bought the Raspex Skin Gel and the Raspberry powder capsules for my Samoyed, Kona.  Kona is a show dog and therefore is not neutered.  In the winter months, Kona developed irritation, redness and sometimes lesions on his scrotum.  I have taken Kona to the vet several tines and even to a dermatologist and no one can quite figure out what is wrong with him.  We thought it was allergies, but he has no other signs of allergies and the tests run did not indicate that was the problem.  So my vet had been keeping antibiotic ointment on him and keeps pants on him to keep him from licking himself.  After a month or so of this he was not showing any signs of healing.
    Therefore, I did some research and heard through a fellow Samoyed owner about the Raspex line of products.  After only one application of the Raspex skin gel Kona was showing sings of improvement.  We have only been using the cream and giving him the Raspberry seed capsules for about a week now and he is completely clear of redness, irritation or sores.  I am very pleased with the product and the best part, especially being put on such a sensitive area, is that it did not burn him and he is more than willing to let me apply more of the cream.
    I plan to continue using the cream on him, but also plan to start taking some of the supplements myself.  Thanks for masking such a great product.
    Tracy S_____ and much more comfortable Kona.

Raspex Skin Cream SPF 30
I am writing to you to let you know how much I love this cream.  I use it every morning and again if I am going to be in the sun for more than a few minutes.
Before I started to use this cream, I had several lesions removed from my face and neck, some showed cancer cells and they had to go a little deeper.  I started to use Raspex about 3 years ago and the last 3 lesions have been cancer free.  Now I only have to go to the doctor once a year unless I see a lesion.  My doctor and I call it our miracle cream, he says it could put him out of business.
THANK YOU, GS (Pennsylvania)

I want to add a testimonial to your website. I have been using the cream for
a few years since I had basal cell removed from my forehead. A year ago I
was told I had another spot that was biopsied as basal cell, and needed MOHs
surgery. Due to insurance I put it off for a year and have been applying
Raspex to the site. I went to the dermatologist and she cannot find the spot
anymore, my body has healed itself with the help of your wonderful cream!!!
Thank you SL

Thanks so much for your quick replay. This is helpful.  I have used your products for years and love them.  Our chiropractor recommended it to us when our 10 year old son had some warts that would not go away. We used raspex and within a week, they were gone for good. We also saw great results when we recommended it to a friend with skin cancer.  Thanks for a superior product. LP

" I just ordered some of your product (Raspex Seed Powder and Raspex Anti-Aging Night Cream) and I wanted you to know WHY I placed an order. My wife and I recently had dinner with my sister whom we had not seen for quite some time. We both commented to her about how good her complexion was (she truly looks 10 years younger than she did a year ago) and she attributed it to your Night Cream. She went on to tell us that because of your Seed Capsules, the number of her pre-cancerous skin lesions her dermatologist needed to remove had fallen from 40-50 per year to only about 5 last year. A 90% reduction! This reduction was over her whole body, not just her face, so she felt the Seed Capsules were the contributing factor. Needless to say, my wife and I are very anxious to start using your products. Sincerely, BC

hi guys, 
thank you for your wonderful service and free postage to Australia. i don't know how you can still offer free postage, amazing! 
i have been using your raspex cream for several years now as a sunscreen and it works better than regular sunscreens. I was the only person in our snow skiing group who did not get sunburned despite everyone else wearing sunscreen. I had a flat black mole on my arm fade back to a pale brown after applying raspex cream for a month, and a tiny round solid black hanging from my leg completely dropped off after using raspex for the same time also. 
my mother whose breast cancer returned 3 years ago was given 1-2 yrs max if she followed the prescribed drugs like t-------- she chose not to use this terrible drug that causes other cancers and decided to take raspex powder and liquid zeolite. her tumor which is in her neck gland at first shrunk by 50% and continues to shrink a few millimeters every few months. I am so glad I came across your products in my search for alternative cancer treatments, and have your company to thank for my mum's survival. 
feel free to use this letter. I am telling as many people here in Australia about your products as I can so hopefully they can have a better quality of life. 
LB Australia
Hi, I just wanted to write this letter on b-half of myself& my Family ? It was about a month ago , I had un-knowingly decided I would stop using the cream I have used for 20 yrs? Why was no reason? The cream that saved my sanity & My Families is your women's wild yam!!! The cream that was & is a life saver my family will firm now on make sure I have at ALL times!!! Without the cream I was so tired, depress & as My family swears A "GROUCH" what ever u use in this Cream PLEASE Keep It Up!! It I could really tell the difference & so could MY FAMILY ! love u guys & Please keep making this Cream .... Thank-u A LOYAL CUSTOMER & A SATISFIED ONE TOO!!! in Rosemary, in North Carolina

I don't want you to have a swelled head or anything but your cream is fantastic. I had a terrible rash that was itchy and open and hard to heal. Your cream healed it completely. I had several raised moles that appeared after the rash went away and again, your cream made them fade then fall off like a scab.  I am presently using it to promote healing and hopefully prevent a wart that was recently burned off my hand, from coming back again. I use it on my face when I go to the beach. It's helping reduce wrinkles around my lips and eyes.  Thanks a million.  God is so good to have had you discover or make this and probably all of your products.  You aren't charging an arm and a leg so it is so affordable for the average bear. It was so refreshing to hear you say, "I just want to help people". It gave me more faith in the goodness of people when you said that! I have worked in the medical profession as a nurse and all too often the medications that I would give to my patients were harsh and had unpleasant and sometimes very dangerous side effects.  When I started out in Nursing I remember feeling like you that I just wanted to help people.
But, I felt so often that I was contributing to hurting them every time I brought their medication to them.
Oh well, I could go on and on.  Just know this.  I am grateful for one of your products.  I will tell everyone that will listen to me about your products. 

Subject: Raspex, I've been using the skin cream and taken the capsules and have achieved great results. Had a particularly spot on my lower back just above the belt line. I believe it was a result of a very bad sunburn over 50 years ago. At any rate, remarkable so far and believe in another 3-4 weeks, this should be gone. Thank You!! J.O.


​"Hi, just thought I'd let you know. I have been in and out of the hospital for three years with recurring squamous cell carcinomas that had metastasized from arms to head to legs and then was getting so many on my right leg that they had to cut large sections of skin off but it kept coming back on the perimeter and more aggressive each time and the doctors were giving up cause they couldn't stop it. I've seen many dermatologists and have been told they don't know why and that I was going to keep getting them. Just got out of the hospital again in July of this year after another section was removed and the doctor told me to "Take the bull by the horns" and seek help elsewhere cause they couldn't stop the cancer. So I did. I looked for natural cures this time and found your company on the web and started putting the Raspex cream on and around the wound when I got out of the hospital and had one coming back again like all the other times. It was growing and painful but I kept rubbing the cream on it  four times daily. Then it started getting smaller as the weeks went by until it just went away. I couldn't believe it! It went away! I'm still using it daily till the wound is completely healed and I am truly amazed at the results! I would have been in for two more surgeries by now as aggressive as they were. I just wanted to let you know I'm a true believer of your Raspex products and out of pain now. Thank you so much. I have just ordered some more and am very grateful I found your products. It's a shame that doctors will never tell you about holistic cures that are out there.
Again, Thank You.. MS/FL

Just to let you know and to thank you.  I got the raspberry capsules from your company and it is working wonders.  I can now feel my toes and the tingling is almost nonexistent.  Wonderful stuff you are making.  Send me the url again please as I did not keep it to order some more foe me and my mom.

A few weeks age I ordered the raspberry skin cream.  To my amazement it really works!  I even developed a special technique that increases it’s ability to remove precancerous growths in an incredible short time period.  I have been telling friends about it and now I’m ordering for my friends.  Eric

I started using SMDI’s Skin Gel with raspberry extract and initially thought it was not as creamy as I would have liked.  Within two weeks I noticed that my skin looked more hydrated and was amazed that the brown spots on my face were fading.  The largest one was on my left side of my face near my ear and was a spot that was the size of a quarter.  I’ve used the Raspex Skin Gel now for 6 weeks and you can hardly see the discoloration.  Now I am using it on my hands and neck.  Within the same time frame – two weeks – I see that the brown shadow on my neck and the freckles on my hands are greatly diminished. Judy O

* June 10, 2005
I am of Irish/Scottish background, very fair skin, blue eyes and blond hair.  I was born in NZ and came to live in London age 22.  I have always been aware of looking after my skin, however, been brought up in NZ the strong sunlight had damaging affects on my skin.  I have had a number of troublesome keratosis on my face, hands and neck, since my twenties.  I have had them burnt off several times, only for them to return.  The SMDI Raspberry Skin Cream is steadily clearing all these erosions and moles and at the same time protecting my skin from further damage.
The SMDI Raspberry Skin Cream, has been truly exceptional in healing these.  I have used most of the best and new products on the market, but there is not a product to match SMDI Raspberry Skin Gel.
I recommended the cream to another friend who had a large erosion on his head, and within several weeks the erosion was considerably smaller and the redness and itchiness had gone.
Thank you for an exceptional cream, advice and service.  I will continue to recommend it to my friends.
Karen Whelan

Hello! I have recently ordered my 2nd lot of Raspex Products.  I must say that after 2 nights of usage (of the Raspex Skin Gel) on a 48 hour old severe sunburn I am completely sunburn free!  I can’t believe it.  I am very interested in distributing the product here in Australia.  Thank you very much.   Dr. Louise

"I used the day cream, without sunblock, as well as the night cream and took the Raspex capsules as well. The night cream I absolutely loved, it was so light, non-greasy and really nutritive to my skin.  I could've used it both day and night. I'm very choosy about any product I use, ingredient wise. All products are very well formulated with excellent natural ingredients. I was very impressed and delighted with the results from your products. Within 3 weeks of usage my skin, both face and neck, showed a visible improvement, were glowing and less wrinkled. I felt and looked 10 years younger and people were commenting.
I used the Raspex cream with sunblock on my daughter's sunburn and it healed very quickly. There was a dramatic difference overnight that I've never seen before to that degree when I've used other products. Overall healing time was dramatically shortened and there was no blistering and peeling.
I love your products and cannot speak highly enough of them and your business ethics. You went out of your way to provide me with in depth product information and to ensure the best postage deal to Australia. Thanks again Ken, I wish you all the best with your business."

Update on Basel Cell skin cancer on my cheek – It (the Raspex Skin Gel) has reduced it from an open wound to a couple of small scabby lumps.