I would like to give an unsolicited testimony as to the effectiveness of Raspex Meeker Raspberry Seed Powder Capsules which I purchased from Scientific Medical Devices INC, Cumming GA.
My 12 yr old shepherd mix was diagnosed with 1 tumor, very small with slight bleeding under his tail, which did not seem to bother him at all.
He was operated on by a local vet in June 2005. The tumor metastasized and came back much larger with a 2" diameter ulcerated bleeding sore in the same place, with multiple other tumors in the same area, in Dec. 2005. The vet did a manual examination up his rectum, and said there were many tumors but he could not operate again. He recommended taking my dog to another vet, as he said it would possibly affect his bowel control if he operated again. The other vet recommended MSU vet small animal clinic.
After spending an entire day at the vet school oncology clinic($500 tests) in early Feb. 2006, the doctor told me at the end of the week that further surgery was the only option. She did recommend a multivitamin. They were biopsied as benign tumors but they were killing him as he refused to eat, and the local vet said the internal tumors would grow and prevent him from eliminating stools.
Neither the vet nor the vet school gave me any information on diet or supplements, except the school recommended multivitamins and more variety in his diet. He was eating only kibbled dog food at the time which I thought was very healthy.
My dog was extremely sick for a week after the tests from the anesthesia and pain medicine. He stood drooling for 48 hours and would not eat anything. He did drink water profusely. 
After coming home from the vet clinic, my dog's health deteriorated to a shocking degree. After 6 days, his rear end looked like road kill surrounded by a large bright red area which looked like blood poisoning to me.
He would have died had I not found foods on the Internet recommended for treating tumors - chicken, turkey, Mighty Dog Egg Cheese and Bacon, and fish oil and flax oil. I had to get down on the floor and nurse him back to health for several weeks - feeding him a morsel at a time from my hand.
I have added turmeric and Vitamin K, which have helped as well.
Two weeks into this regimen for my dog, I found a supplement recommended on many Internet dog cancer forums - Meeker Raspberry Seed Powder in capsules. I ordered some over the telephone from SMDI in Cumming GA; they shipped the capsules immediately. Within a few days of feeding my dog the raspberry seed powder, I noticed a definite shrinking of the external circumanal gland adenomas, and a slow healing of the sores with cessation of bleeding.
Several weeks later he has changed from almost constant of licking the sores to almost no licking.
I found that opening the capsules into raw ground turkey was easier for me to get them down his throat, as I am still feeding him the other pills. I will use the remaining capsules for me, and have since ordered and received a large container of the Raspex Raspberry Seed Powder.
My dog does not notice the powder mixed in the ground turkey and wolfs it down.
If I had known about the Meeker raspberry seed powder last year, I would have tried it first before having an operation on my 12 yr old dog. The other later supplements may not have been needed.
In 2 weeks, the external tumor has shrunk to 1/4 its size. The skin is looking healthier around it, and his hair is growing back from being shaved. He is acting like his old self again for the first time since Dec..
After seeing the amazing improvement in my dog's health, I have started being more careful about what I eat, as well as taking the Meeker raspberry seed powder capsules myself.
Thanks to the people whom I have found on the Internet, with personal testimonies, that have informed me of the effectiveness of SMDI raspberry powder on dog tumors and their encouraging emails. And thanks to SMDI for making the product that helped save my dogs life.
Nancy P Thompson, Sherwood MI

* Patty (my dog) has had this big unsightly non-malignant “tumor” on her side for 2 years.  Very common in elderly dogs.  Vet has drained it and it grows back.  In March when the children (dogs)  had their checkups, the vet said that if it got any bigger, we would have to have surgery.  I was reading some of the SMDI’s testimonials one day and there is a whole big webpage (s) about dogs with these tumors and how they shrank be using the raspberry powder..  Well, I have used a whole HUGE container of it now (just reordered) and Patty’s tumor is so much smaller you can hardly even notice it.  I can’t wait for the Vet to come tomorrow to do the cats so that I can point it out to her.   It WORKS.  Plus they like the taste.  I mix 2 heaping tablespoons into one can of dog food.  Honestly, these testimonials are TRUE.

I have a sheltie with multiple Lympomas….notice it’s Lympomas, not Lymphomas which are cancerous.  I was directed to use Raspex Raspberry Seed powder and have been doing so for almost 9 days with a noticeable decrease in the size of the tumors.  Check out www.smdi.orgMarianne
“Raspberry Powder and Jake”I have a 15 year old Pointer Bird Dog named Jake. Over the last year or two he has developed a ping pong ball sized tumor, last October it increased in size over a 2 or 3 week period to baseball size. I figured it was cancer, we cannot afford large vet bills so I started surfing the internet. If my diagnosis is right and I'm 75% sure it is. He has one of those fatty lipomas. I started him on your Raspberry Powder about 2 months ago. To my amaizement it has shrunk back to ping pong size, and I believe will dissapear with another bottle of powder. When I started him on it the lump was VERY hard, VERY round, and you could not move it around. Now it jiggles when he runs, the shape is very irregular. I know Jake is old and not going to live forever, but if I had not found your product, I'm sure I would have had him put to sleep by now, not wanting to see him suffer needlesly. So thank you and Jake thanks you too!.Jan

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" Last year I was told of a remarkable natural food supplement called Raspex. ( Thank you  Dr. Susan Thorpe-Vargas)  After doing a considerable amount of homework on PubMed I decided to give it a try with my large pack.  Within a few months I noticed a change in several of the older dogs who had subcutaneous lumps and bumps called sebacious cysts or fatty lipomas. I was so impressed with the visible difference I decided to sell the product. My gang has been taking this daily for almost a year now.Now for the invisible results.... Last year Chione underwent an ultrasound.  We found that her uterus had so many large cysts it could have been compared to bubble wrap YIKES !!Due to conformational faults I had decided I did not want to breed her after  all.But she was still to be my test subject for the Raspex so I held off on  neutering her for a year.  Chione has just come out of season. Yesterday she was spayed. I had asked my vet to keep her removed uterus available for viewing until I picked her up later in the day. I wanted to see for myself if the Raspex had worked as well inside the body. Now my vet and a few of his staff are already taking Raspex themselves,so he knew exactly what I was looking for. Amazingly we found nothing. Not one cyst or blemish. The uterus was squeaky clean and smooth inside and out."  E Durantehttp://www.celestialmastiffs.com  Visit our dog bakeryhttp://www.dogcookiebaker.com

Raspex Raspberry Seed Capsules

I have noticed a significant difference in the size of my dog's lymphoma. Since supplementing with Raspberry Seed Capsules, the lump has decreased 50%! We're continuing to use the powder and look forward to continued positive results.

Thank you! Donna

Zion my  rottweiler/shepherd of 11 years, and treated with your raspex powder died of cancer.  He was diagnosed with melanoma sarcoma  April 2013  & lived to October l0, 2016.   Vet said whatever I did , he lived beyond the normal after being diagnosed with Melanoma Sarcoma I thank you for your help and information on the amount of Raspex to take for his Melanoma. He slowed down about a week before  passing.  We euthanized him
when the mass in his lung prevented him from breathing easily. I continue to give my l8 yr old cat the raspex serum. 
Baba Jeana

Pet Owners:
Get Raspberry Seed Powder to eliminate any abscesses, tumor or growth. It is WONDERFUL! It will eliminate it almost immediately and is wonderful anti-viral, anti bacterial and anti-microbial. You can read all of the information about it and get from the following site SMDI Products Page www.smdi.org .

I have been using (the Raspex Raspberry Seed Powder) with our senior Kuma for a tumor that developed after a tick bite and the vet wanted to do surgery. The tumor has just disappeared over the course of 3 weeks with one teaspoon on her food per day! It has even amazed the vet! It is really amazing that it works as fast as it does. This same raspberry seed powder has been working to eliminate even cancerous tumors from other dogs on these list. The owners and the vets are stunned that terminal dogs using it heal. There tumors are disappearing naturally. Good ole "mother nature". LOL

I ate all the raspberries and blueberries I could get my hands on when I was recovering from cancer and I know it helped tremendously. I have actually been using it (Raspex Raspberry Seed Powder) to eliminate some fatty lymphoma tumors and also a small skin tumor diagnosed as skin cancer that developed within the last year and it is diminishing hem and making them completely disappear.

This powder is in a concentrated form and it works even better that just treating the raspberries. I can't say enough positive about it and I don't have any financial interest in it al all. It is just a great product for removing tumors, abscesses and for assisting animals and people to have optimum health and insuring they don't have cancer. It is even helping our Mia with his ear infection. While I am treating him with other things too, I didn't see a real difference until I gave him the raspberry seed powder. Could be the conjunctive timing of it all or it could be just what he needed. At any rate I am sold o the raspberry powder. Try it...It really works.

Keep up the great work.