Raspex SC Fusion 2.6oz

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Order you Complete Raspex Stem Cell System now. You get All Four Products for the price of 3. You will recieve: SC Fusion, SC Cleanser, Apple SC and Neck Cream; all four products to complete your set.  It's the System that you deserve. We will ship you entire system for Free for all US Deliveries.

As your skin ages it becomes thinner, dryer, age spots, wrinkles appear, elasticity is lost as collagen production declines and your skin's appearance becomes dull and lacks youthful vibrancy. Science brings us an incredibly powerful anti-aging ally in plant stem cells.


Raspex Apple SC
Raspex SC Fusion
Raspex SC Cleanser

Raspex SC Cleanser 5.6

Raspex Apple SC 2.6oz


Give your neck the same TLC you give your facial skin. This neck cream is specially formulated to help fight the visible signs of aging in delicate neck areas and regular use results in a smoother, firmer and younger look.

One step cleanser is a blend of plant oils which melts away even waterproof makeup leaving skin feeling fresh.

Raspex Neck Cream 3.2oz

A state of the art delivery system formulated for intensive long lasting moisture which reduces fine lines and
wrinkles. The result is skin that is smoother and its fine lines and wrinkles are reduced with more youthful contours restored.

Scientific Medical Devices, Inc. (SMDI) is proud to introduce a new line of products based on Plant Stem Cell Serum which when applied topically to the skin surface helps protect the human stem cells from damage and deterioration and stimulates the skin’s own stem cells.  Adult stem cells are present within our bodies and serve to maintain and repair the tissues in which they are found.
The Plant Stem Cell technology when used as a topical anti-aging cosmetic helps repair fine lines, wrinkles and restores and maintains firmness and elasticity.  This technology resets your skin’s ageing and its long term use results in a firmer skin with increased long term skin purity and reduction in wrinkles. 
Our skin experiences damage from UV rays and pollution and these cumulative effects result in intrinsic and extrinsic aging.  The Plant Stem Cell Serum combats ageing and preserves the youthful look and vitality of your skin.

Raspex Neck Cream
Raspex Full Stem Cell System

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