Raspberries in the News! Interest article.

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Someone kindly shared the following information with me that was in the June 04, 2002 issue of ‘Woman’s Day’ magazine, it had this to say: (page 18 --Theme: Brand-New Miracle Weight-Loss Breakthroughs!) Article title: The powerful metabolism-booster discovered in raspberries

This month, Japanese dieters will be the first to try what could soon become the world’s most delicious diet pill. Made from the compound that gives raspberries their fragrance, the chewable tablets were proven during trials to have three times more metabolism-boosting power than other popular supplements. In fact, the average test subject lost 2.2 pounds in a week without making any other lifestyle changes!

So when will the pill be widely available? It could be months or even years before they make it to your local drugstore. But there is a simple alternative, say researchers. Eat raspberries! To get enough of the fruit’s miracle ingredient, called ketones, you’ll need to incorporate two or more cups of raspberries into your daily menus.

“It worked for me!”

When Susan Gombert, R.N., first invented a raspberry diet for herself, she was pretty sure it’d help her shed a few pounds fast. “I had learned that raspberries are one of the highest fiber fruits—and fiber helps reduce both hunger and the number of calories our bodies can absorb,” says the Port Washington, New York, mom of four. “They’re incredibly low in calories, even lower than most other fruits. Plus, I’ve found that raspberries can actually take away my cravings for chocolate!”

So Susan began aiming to eat a pint of raspberries a day, adding them to cereal or just eating them straight from the container. “I found I could lose at least two pounds in a week this way, without making any other changes,” she reports. “Now if I notice my jeans getting snug, I don’t make a big deal about it, I just eat raspberries.”

This might be your weight-loss miracle if. . . you’ve always wanted to reap the benefits of diet supplements –reduced hunger, fewer cravings, reduced calorie absorption and increased fat-burning power—but have felt uneasy about taking pills. “Raspberries are all natural and truly slimming.” promises Joy Bauer, R.D., author of ‘The 90/10 Weight Loss Plan.’

6/18/02 Typed from article in Woman’s Day Magazine, June 04, 2002 Issue, Page 18