History of the Research

Influential scientists such as Dr. Daniel Nixon of the Hollings Cancer Institute (Medical University of south Carolina, USA) have been working with certain micro-nutrients and their impact on human health. Dr. Nixon’s most recent work has been with raspberries and specifically the micronutrient ellagic acid contained in the pulp and seeds. His work with tissue cultures has shown that cancer cells (of many types) exposed to ellagic acid levels corresponding to specific amounts of eating fresh raspberries underwent a natural cell death.

This is incredibly important news, because the amount of raspberries needed to develop this level of ellagic acid was only one cup!

Dr. Nixon has also shown that human cervical cells infected with human papilloma virus (HPV, warts) are also killed by the same concentration of ellagic acid. This is important because human papilloma viruses are considered to be the main cause of cervical cancer.

Other scientist have found positive responses using ellagic acid in researching many other conditions and disease:

Periodontal disease

Protection of the liver from toxic injury

Faster would healing

Radiation induced chromosomal damage

Slowing the spread of the HIV virus in the human body

Slowing the degenerative process of aging

Prevention of neural tube birth defects Neurodegenerative diseases

Diabetic retinopathy